Yami Yabi – Valletta
Discount on Food Bill
Is-Suq tal-Belt, Merchants St, Valletta, Malta
+356 21337939
Keywords: Asian Food / Chinese Food / Curry / Japanese / Sushi / Teppanyaki / Thai Food /
Additional Terms & Conditions
Pre-booking and mention of Malta Discount Card is required on weekends.

Located in Valletta food court, Yami Yabi invites diners on an unforgettable culinary journey through the vibrant flavours of Asia. With a menu boasting a fusion of Japanese, Chinese, South Korean, and Thai influences, this restaurant promises an authentic dining experience with a twist.

Yami Yabi’s award-winning chefs have studied the boldest recipes from across Asia to reimagine and reinvigorate traditional flavours, ensuring every bite packs a punch that lingers long after the meal is over. Whether you’re a sushi lover, curry enthusiast, or teppanyaki fan, Yami Yabi promises a dining experience that transcends borders and excites the taste buds.

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Opening Hours
Monday to Sunday from 08:00 - 22:00
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