Established since 2013
with Unbelievable Discounts!

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Reliable establishments

From years of experience

Top rated Establishments

Covering all the islands

Upgrade Your leisure

Discount your Price

Discount Guarantee Certificate


Peace of mind


Perfect for Families

couples and groups

Reliable establishments

From years of experience

Top rated Establishments

Covering all the islands

Upgrade Your leisure

Discount your Price

Discount Guarantee Certificate


Peace of mind


Perfect for Families

couples and groups

Most of all SAVE MONEY!!

Do the math!

Established since 2013
with Unbelievable Discounts!


A great buy

Anthony Devine, Great Britian

The card worked well and we not only saved money but also really enjoyed our stay in Malta. Particular compliments to restaurant Le Malte in Sliema and Hera Cruises. Both really good.

Martin Pibworth, Netherlands

Truly the islands' best for less!! Already saved over Euro 150, A+

Rodianne Camilleri, Malta

Worth having! Excellent service and good restaurants.

Rita Schembri, Malta

Great buy, saved over Euro 60 on my first weekend.

Looking forward to try diving!

Bjorn Svensson, Sweden

I'd love to have a card like this every time I visit a city.

Magnus Johansson, Stockholm

Nothing to say ! I had a great time in Malta thanks to the Malta Discount Card!

Pauline, Netherlands

I would like to tell you that I am using the card and I really like it. A very good bargain!

Charmaine Fiteni, Marsascala

Thank you SO MUCH! I have saved so much money using this card.

Scott Wright, UK

The card was one good bargain that I have ever made.

Daniel Sammut, Malta

I think it's a good discount card!

Doris Ebejer, Malta

Wonderful! Excellent service and a must have when visiting Malta.

May Edwards, UK

You can not afford not to buy this card, your money back on your first meal....the rest is all savings.

Jason Evans, Malta

This card is EXCELLENT, already used it once, got 50% off the bill on food and have already got my money back that I paid out for the card. Cannot recommend this enough. Brilliant idea!


I have been using this magic card for a year now can't wait to get my second year card. It is worth every cent I have saved a lot of money by using it !!

Pat Muscat, Malta

In the first restaurant I went to, the discount amount to 36 euro, and the card cost me 35. Can't wait to continue benefiting from all these discounts.

Kurt Guillaumier, Malta

We dined at Otters Restaurant in Marsalforn. Food was excellent and David rendered fine service!
Malta Discount Card is good value for money!

Aldo Millo, Malta

This a great we never found any problem using it.
Most of the restaurants were very good.
I will buy it again.

Paul Cortis, Malta

Just used my discount card for the first time, saved me over Euro 30! Super grateful for it! Thanks! :)

Tammy, UK

I am so very grateful that this card is available.

Mary T, UK

Pour une famille de quatre, c'est impeccable!! Environ 50 Euros d'economie sur les visites.

BERTRAND – Cachan, France

So I got the card and used it today. Great savings! Thank you

Mary Anne Borg, Malta

Fantastic service! Arrived at hotel last night, discount card there waiting for us, most impressed, now to start using it!

David Bruce, UK

We saved about 165 Euros without really trying, excluding cost of card. Absolutely worth the money

Kelvin Bland, UK

I've been to Malta twice now - I never ever knew about this. A great country just got even better. Can't wait for our next trip!


Claire McLaren, UK

Brilliant, get it as soon as you arrive. We had the 10 day pass and saved 165 Euros without really trying. Discounts on sightseeing busses, activities, boat trips, attractions and meals. With this card you will save a lot.

Kelvin Bland

Just renewed my Malta Discount Card to continue benefiting from the super value discounts :)

Tracy Azzopardi, Malta

It's the "must have" discount card :)

Tracy Azzopardi, Malta

Get one or you're stupid! Loads of savings!!

Louise Hodkinson, UK

Already got it and have used it so many times. It has already paid for itself!! A must for everyone who enjoys variety and good food!!

Maggie Roberts, Malta

The discount card was amazing we used it a lot, and have already started recommending it to friends. We had a lovely holiday on your beautiful Island. Thanks once again.

Patricia Home, UK

A must for every food lover. Since 2nd. December I already had over 200 Euros discounted.

Henry Cassar, Malta

The Malta Discount Card is very good and worth it. I recommended 100%

Marvic Spiteri, Malta

I really liked the card and will surely recommend it.

Stefanie Funnemann

My wife and I had a wonderful holiday in Malta thanks to your card! We had discounts for experiences, museums and restaurants. I will definitely recommend your card to my friends too. Thank you so much!

Giorgio Uberti, Italy

This card is really worth buying because after visiting just two restaurants we already covered the money we paid for it.

Emanuel Camilleri, Malta

Will definitely be recommending to anyone I know going to Malta.

Sean Parry, UK

Excellent customer service listens and reacts to customers needs.

David Slater, UK

Very useful. I recommend it!

Luca Scaricaciottoli, Italy

It was excellent for us this time highly recommend it!

Andrea Airton Nuttall

Bought for my mum very good would recommend.

Helen Poynter

I’ve been in Malta 3 times already.. used Malta Discount Card in 2016-17-18... will come back again 😀
No question... worth to buy!!!
Save money 💰on entries & at restaurants
couples or family-> good deal ☺️

Annamaria Suhajda

We got the discount card last year and it was definitely well worth it - we saved a lot of money!

Tamsin O’Connor

Annette Jones

Charles Catania

Marika Mallia

Michelle Hewitt

Charles Catania

Phyllis Galea

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