Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

It is important that you read and accept the Terms & Conditions of this site before you become a member of Malta Discount Card. Malta Discount Card reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions at any given time. Please check the website for any updates.

Definitions & Interpretations:

We – referred to Malta Discount Card.

You / Member/ Holder – referred to you as the holder of a valid membership with Malta Discount Card.

Children – referred to as children under the age of 12.

Website – referred to as www.maltadiscountcard.com

Participating establishments – refers to a diving centre, a museum, a restaurant, an attraction, a boat tour or any other good/service provider offering a discount under the Malta Discount Card scheme.

One Time Offer – means the discount/offer redeemable only once at the same participating establishment upon presentation of a valid Malta Discount Card.

Any references made to the masculine gender will also be referring to the feminine gender and any references made to the feminine gender will also be referring to the masculine gender.

The Malta Discount Card membership cards are all and exclusively owned by Malta Discount Card.

The Malta Discount Card is available to purchase at locations listed on our website. Whether the Malta Discount Card is bought from the website or from a location mentioned on our website, you should always read and accept the terms and conditions prior to buying the card.

There are 2 card options; one is valid for 10 days and one is valid for 1 year. Upon joining Malta Discount Card you will be provided with a membership card and a pocket guide booklet.

On the card, there are 24 circles, each numbered with a unique number.  To claim the discounts at these ‘new’ one time offer establishments, the same procedure applies; the cashier will punch the circle that corresponds to the number shown near the establishment’s details on our website. Although 24 circles are printed on the card; representing 24 one time offers that does not mean that 24 one time offers are included in the card. The one time offers will be updated according to the latest updates on our website.

If you wish, we can arrange for delivery of the Malta Discount Card  to an address provided. While we do our best to ensure the card will arrive in the shortest possible time, we cannot be held responsible for any delays in the postal service. Malta Discount Card does not guarantee shipping and does not accept any liability.  Mislaid or missing orders may only be reissued with additional payment.

You declare that the information provided for in the filled in forms and on the card is true, complete and correct. You authorise Malta Discount Card to process the data contained in these forms for updates, promotions and offers from participating establishments.

The Malta Discount Card is valid for the Holder, ONE accompanying guest, and up to THREE accompanying children under to age of 12 years. These are the number of people eligible for the discount with ONE card.

Some of the discounts do not apply for accompanying children since some participating establishments have their own restrictions.

You should note that access to certain establishments is subject to terms and conditions imposed by the establishment owner. You must comply with these terms and conditions to obtain access to the establishment.

When making a booking for a service with the Malta Discount Card, the holder of the card must inform the establishment that they intend to make redemption for the service using the Malta Discount Card. The service is always subject to availability.

Participating establishments may require prior reservation with the participating establishment itself and mention of Malta Discount Card when booking. Failure to book and mention Malta Discount Card ahead of your visit at such establishments will result in the establishment not accepting the card.

Malta Discount Card is valid ONLY for direct bookings and reservations to the Malta Discount Card participating establishments and not through intermediaries or other organizations.

Card holders must show the Malta Discount Card to benefit from the discounts. The card holders must also present a valid identification to benefit from the discount. Participating establishments reserve the right to refuse the Malta Discount Card if no form of identification is available.

To claim your discount, the Malta Discount Card membership card must be presented before paying any deposit or when you request the bill and not after the bill is issued. Presenting the card after requesting the bill or any paid deposit forfeit member’s right for the discount.

Discounted bills are preferably paid in cash. Should the payment be by Credit Card, the establishment reserves the right to deduct not more than 5% from the discount amount applicable.

The participating establishments may on specific days of the week, set a maximum amount for Malta Discount Card memberships accepted during specific days and times.

The Malta Discount Card discounts may not apply on Public Holidays and special occasions such as Valentines’ Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day and Easter. Participating establishments decide on whether to apply discounts or not on these days and on their eves.

In the event where the holder is dining with other diners who are not eligible to benefit from the discount with Malta Discount Card membership, the cheapest 2 items from each course consumed on the bill will be discounted.

The membership fee is non-refundable. Once you agree to purchase the Malta Discount Card membership, Malta Discount Card is not bound to give back any refunds.

If the membership card is suspected or found to be tampered, the participating establishments have the right to refuse the card, and confiscate it. No refunds will be given.

Members are responsible for the safe keeping of their membership card. There will be no refunds for lost or stolen Malta Discount Cards. If lost or stolen, you have to report the case to Malta Discount Card and a replacement card (having the same dates as the lost/stolen card) has to be purchased at the price of €20. The lost/stolen card will become invalid.

The Malta Discount Card membership is strictly not transferable, it will be withdrawn if transferred and no refunds will be given.

Any breach of the terms of conditions will be considered as grounds for removal without receiving a refund on the membership paid.

We cannot be held responsible for cancellation of services, offers and discounts no longer being available by the participating establishments.

Malta Discount Card only provides the service of a discount card and not any other service. Thus any problems or bad experiences arising from any of our participating establishments are to be tackled with the establishment itself. We are not responsible and not liable for any legal issues that may arise.

All holders of the Malta Discount Card enter each participating establishment premises voluntarily and at their own risk.

We have exercised all reasonable efforts to ensure that all information contained in the Malta Discount Card is accurate at the time of printing. However conditions at any of our discounts may be subject to change. We shall not be liable for any damage, expense, inconvenience or loss incurred by any person as a result of this information. Card users utilise the information at their own risk. All Malta Discount Card holders are advised to check all relevant information and details on our website and with the participating establishments prior to visiting.

Business opening times and attraction time-tables information are subject to change, card holders are advised to check these times before traveling to use these facilities.

You should also note that some participating establishments may be subject to temporary closure due to unforeseen circumstances. No refunds can be given in the event of any such temporary closure.

The discounts included in the Malta Discount Card membership are not to be used in conjunction with any other offers.

Malta Discount Card website contains outside links which are transferred to a new window. We are not liable and therefore Malta Discount Card dissolves itself from any liability or damages that may incur from viruses or any other form of computer impairing programs. We may also be providing advertisements to other companies through our website. The same conditions as explained above apply.

These conditions will be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Malta. Any disputes relating to these conditions shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Malta.

When you make a purchase and use the Malta Discount Card, you are accepting all the above terms and conditions.

Malta Discount Card – Membership Card


Simply show your card with a valid identification and the establishments will deduct the discount to you, ONE accompanying guest and up to THREE children under the age of 12.

The Discounts are UNLIMITED, so you will benefit from the discounts as many times as you like during the validity of your membership card.

You will also benefit from a number of ONE TIME OFFERS – Numbered circles on the card:


– 50% Discount OFF the Food Bill the first time you dine at each Restaurant having a one-time offer!
(SAVE the money paid for your Malta Discount Card and more on your First Dining Experience)

– An Unlimited repetitive 25% Discount on Food Bill throughout the validity of the card will be given after the one time offer is redeemed at that restaurant to make your next visits more affordable.

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