Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Malta Discount Card?

The Malta Discount looks like a credit card, and provides numerous discounts in wide variety of establishments ranging from attractions, activities, museums, watersports, restaurants, spas and much more. For a complete list of establishments that you have access to with the Malta Discount Card, click here for “The Discounts” page.

How much does the Malta Discount Card cost?

The Malta Discount Card comes in 2 versions; the Holiday Malta Discount Card which is valid for up to 10 days and it costs €34.99, and there is the annual card which is valid for 1 full year and it costs €49.99.

What is the validity period of the Holiday 10 day card?

It is valid for up to 10 days from the date you choose to start using it.

What is the validity period of the 1 year card?

It is valid for 365 days from date you choose to start using it.

How many people can benefit from the discounts with one card?

One Malta Discount Card is valid for the holder of the card, 1 accompanying guest and up to 3 children under the age of 12.

How do you define a child?

Children are aged between 1 and 12 years.

Can children visit attractions on their own?

When visiting the establishments, children must be accompanied by an adult or may be refused admission.

What discounts does the Malta Discount Card offer?

The Malta Discount Card offers more than 200 discounts on attractions & museums, visits & tours, leisure & entertainment, Spas, bars & restaurants.

Are the attractions accessible all year round?

The majority of the establishments included on the Malta Discount Card are open all year round with just a few days of closure, usually around Christmas.

To see the opening hours and dates for each attraction, browse our Discounts Page or refer to your Malta Discount Card Guidebook. The opening times and dates of all Malta Discount Card establishments can be found on each individual establishment’s page on website. They are also detailed in the Malta Discount Card Guidebook received with every order. However we always suggest to clarify the opening times on the establishments’ website for the latest updates.

How many times I can benefit from the discount in a specific establishment or activity?

The discounts are unlimited so there is no limit to how many establishments you are able to visit with the Malta Discount Card.

Is there a limit to how many times I can use the discount?

With Malta Discount Card, the discounts are all unlimited so you can use the discounts as many times as you want. There are also 24 restaurants that each of them provides a one-time offer of 50% discount on the food bill.

How much can I save with the Malta Discount Card?

Most of the users save twice the money paid to purchase their Malta Discount Card after their 1st day, some after the 2nd day and some after 1st use! We know you can do the Math…the more you use it, the more you save.

Do I have to make reservations at the establishments listed in Malta Discount Card?

Reservations are not required at most of the establishments that are associated with the Malta Discount Card. However to be 100% sure, you can contact the establishment directly to inquire if an advance reservation is possible, or necessary. We do encourage customers to check availability for the establishment they wish to visit. If an establishment recommends advance reservations, you can pre-book your activity with the card number and then you can show them the physical Malta Discount Card at the entrance of the establishment.

The establishments which booking is required even on a specific day of the week will have this information included in the additional T&C of each establishment.

Is it safe to buy the Malta Discount Card online?

Purchasing the Malta Discount Card online at www.MaltaDiscountCard.com is absolutely safe as our website is certified for safety from hackers.

Why should I buy online?

Purchasing the pass online can also be convenient for some customers because you have the option of having the Malta Discount Card shipped directly to your address as opposed to going to one of our Authorised Sellers (only holiday card is available at our Authorised Sellers). You also have the option to have it delivered to your hotel or accommodation in Malta.

Can I buy the Malta Discount Card in Malta?

Of course you can. You can visit any of our Authorised Sellers to purchase a Malta Discount Card. To view all of our Authorised Sellers please follow this link: Authorised Sellers

Kindly note only 10 day card holiday available.

Can you ship my Card? How much does it cost? How long does it take?

We are more than happy to ship your order directly to your home address! Shipping prices and approximate delivery times are available on our website once you include your address when ordering it online. Orders placed after 5:00pm will not be processed until the following business day.

Do you offer discounts for groups, students or senior citizens?

Unfortunately not. The Malta Discount Card has been specially created to help visitors save both time and money through the use of our product.

What if I lose my Malta Discount Card?

When you receive your Malta Discount Card, it is important to keep it in a safe place. If you do end up losing or misplacing your Malta Discount Card, a replacement card has to be purchased for the price of €20.

Can I have my card mailed to my home address in Malta?

Yes sure you can have your Malta Discount Card package mailed to your home address in Malta.

Do you offer shipping worldwide?

Yes, we can ship your Malta Discount Card to anywhere in the world. A shipping fee applies according to the country chosen when ordering your Malta Discount Card on our website

Can I have my Malta Discount Card delivered to my hotel in Malta?

Yes sure you can have your Malta Discount Card package delivered to any hotel in Malta. A fee of Euro 5 applies and your Malta Discount Card package will be delivered by hand to any Hotel in Malta

Can I have my Malta Discount Card mailed to my Airbnb address in Malta?

Yes you can have your Malta Discount Card package mailed your Airbnb accommodation in Malta. A charge of Euro 5 applies. Please inform the landlord that a package is expected in your name.

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