Xlendi Watersports
Discount on Kayak Rentals (minimum of 2 rentals between 09:00 - 12:00)
Discount on all activities (April and May)
Discount on all activities (June to October)
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Additional Terms & Conditions
Booking directly and mention of Malta Discount Card is required. Walk ins are also accepted.

In 1988 we started as three brothers and one idea: to offer good quality boat trips around the islands. In the next 19 years with sincere work and dedication we start growing and expanding.

Today our company is the biggest one of its kind in Gozo. We own charter boats, cruising boats, self-drive boats and water sports equipment (canoes, paddleboats, banana rides and UFO rides) and offer wide variety of excursions and cruises. We have more than 20 people personnel to provide our services and do the maintenance.

All services can be booked at the canoe stand on the right hand side of Xlendi Beach.


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