Pizcaria Pizza, Food & Drinks
Discount on Food & Drinks
Piazza Dell'Addrızzo, 17/18, Catania, Sicily
+39 3887705402
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Additional Terms & Conditions
Pre-booking and mention of Malta Discount Card is required on weekends.

Since 2021, Pizcaria has redefined dining in Catania’s Duomo and Pescheria area. Their aim is to blend authentic Sicilian flavours with a modern twist to delight international guests. With a focus on quality, their pizza dough ferments for 72 hours, resulting in a perfect balance of crispiness and softness. From classic favourites to innovative combinations, the menu caters to all tastes. Don’t forget to book in advance for weekends and public holidays with the Malta Discount Card.

At Pizcaria, they not only serve outstanding pizza but also curate a selection of top gins, including local gems. Their bartender, Angelo, crafts exceptional cocktails to end your evening on a high note. Pizcaria also offers appetizers and non-pizza options for a memorable dinner with friends. Come experience Pizcaria’s culinary excellence in the heart of Catania’s historic centre.

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