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Spinola Bay Waterfront, 102 Triq Spinola, St. Julians, Malta
+356 21224919
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Located in the picturesque Spinola Bay of St Julians, Malta, MÉZ is the premier Indian seafood restaurant and bar in the region. Offering an exploration of Indian Coastal Cuisine, MÉZ is influenced by the Indian Ocean’s rich tapestry of spices, flavours, and cultural exchanges.

Celebrated as the top Indian seafood restaurant and bar in Spinola Bay, MÉZ is a haven for seafood connoisseurs. The menu features treasures from Indonesia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Madagascar, Kenya, and Mauritius, with India at its heart. Each dish is a culinary masterpiece showcasing regional flavours.

MÉZ aims to redefine culinary exploration by rediscovering cuisines connected by the Indian Ocean, which have shaped history and gastronomic traditions. The maritime route of the Indian Ocean linked Rome, the Mediterranean, Northern Africa, Indonesia, and China, with India as its centre. This exchange of cultures and spices is reflected in the diverse flavours of the menu.

In the 15th century, Goa became the hub of a spice empire influencing the Indian Ocean, from Africa’s east coast to Indonesia. Indian merchants introduced vibrant cuisine to Southeast Asia, where Indian spice blends and black pepper became staples. Conversely, Southeast Asian cuisine brought delightful flavours to India and Sri Lanka.

At MÉZ, this rich legacy is celebrated with a culinary experience rooted in tradition and the freshest seafood from Malta’s waters. Overlooking the Mediterranean, MÉZ offers not just a dining destination but an opportunity to immerse in the history, culture, and taste of the Indian Ocean world. Every dish tells a tale, making each visit a voyage of discovery in Spinola Bay, St Julians, Malta.

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Opening Hours
Tuesday to Sunday from 17:00 to 23:00
Monday - Closed
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