Massimo Plaza Hotel
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The Massimo Plaza Hotel, with its 11 rooms, is located in the heart of the city, directly opposite the “Teatro Massimo.” This intimate and charming boutique hotel offers a perfect blend of refined elegance and cosy ambience. Guests are welcomed into a setting of discreet luxury, warm colours, and impeccable finishes, creating an atmosphere that embraces each visitor. Ideal for those seeking a personalized stay, the Massimo Plaza Hotel is a jewel of hospitality, providing the perfect starting point to explore the artistic magnificence, vibrant city life, and nearby shopping streets of Palermo.

  • Massimo Plaza Hotel © rosellina garbo
  • Massimo Plaza Hotel © rosellina garbo
  • Massimo Plaza Hotel © rosellina garbo
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  • Massimo Plaza Hotel © rosellina garbo
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