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Via Giovanni di Giovanni Vico A, 5 - 98039, Taormina, Sicily
+39 3334769201
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Additional Terms & Conditions
Pre-booking and mention of Malta Discount Card is required during weekends.

Ristorante Kuttigghiu in Taormina offers a unique culinary experience. Set in a charming outdoor garden, it welcomes guests with comfort and meticulous attention to detail. Guests can enjoy a variety of creative cocktails, taste expertly prepared traditional Sicilian dishes, and have excellent pizza. The restaurant takes particular pride in its wine cellar, which has a rich selection of wines from Sicily and other Italian regions. The knowledgeable staff are happy to recommend the perfect wine pairings for each dish, as well as suggest delicious desserts.

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Opening Hours
Monday to Sunday from 10:30 - 16:00, 18:00 - 23:59
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