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It brings great pleasure to welcome guests to the beloved islands of Malta and Gozo, where a wealth of cultural heritage, historical richness, and unspoiled natural beauty awaits exploration. Despite their size, these islands offer an abundance of experiences, from rustic landscapes to pristine beaches. The hospitality team is dedicated to ensuring guests enjoy the best possible stay, providing a range of services including free WiFi and cable TV, airport transfers, insider tips on island attractions and dining, welcome food packs, complimentary coffee, tea, and sugar, as well as free brochures and timetables. Additional conveniences include maid and laundry services, with linen and towels changed weekly or upon request at no extra cost. Guests can also indulge in a weekly rooftop barbecue during the summer months, taking in scenic views. For added convenience, grocery delivery services, babysitting arrangements, and access to diving schools are available.

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