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La Cuscuseria Trattoria Pizzeria “Delfino” in San Vito Lo Capo is one of the most renowned restaurants in this seaside resort, delighting the most discerning palates for years with the specialties and warmth of Sicily. The simple and welcoming decor, along with the beautiful terrace on the beach for outdoor dining, complete the restaurant’s concept of hospitality. Courtesy, friendliness, efficiency, and above all, excellent Mediterranean cuisine are the hallmarks of Ristorante Al Delfino.

Located along the main street and featuring a terrace overlooking the sea on the picturesque beach of San Vito Lo Capo, the restaurant welcomes guests with a wide variety of dishes made from fresh local fish, depending on daily availability. The rich and varied menu includes hot and cold appetizers such as marinated anchovies, sweet and sour tuna, delicious focaccia, and seafood salads. Among the first courses, the couscous from the traditional local cuisine, busiate, and spaghetti allo scoglio stand out. The second courses feature excellent scampi, lobsters, pan-fried seafood, baked seafood in parchment, and tasty cuttlefish.

The pizza is also excellent, but don’t leave without tasting the delicious spoon desserts.

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Opening Hours
Monday to Sunday - 7:00 until last client
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